How to get rid of CSS linting errors when using Tailwind

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If you are using Tailwind in a VS Code project, you're very likely to have gotten linting errors when trying to use the custom Tailwind directives like @tailwind, @apply, @layer, etc in your styles which are flagged as unknown. Similar to these:

Unknown at rule @tailwind css(unknownAtRules)
semi-colon expected css(css-semicolonexpected)

Linting error A screenshot of linting errors when using Tailwind directives

This article serves as a future reference on how to set up Stylelint and Visual Studio Code and how to add support for Tailwind CSS seamlessly.

1. Install Stylelint in your project

npm install --save-dev stylelint stylelint-config-standard

2. Create a Stylelint config

Place a file named .stylelintrc with the following content into the root folder of your project.

// .stylelintrc
  "extends": "stylelint-config-standard",
  "rules": {
    "at-rule-no-unknown": [
        "ignoreAtRules": [
    "block-no-empty": null,
    "unit-allowed-list": ["em", "rem", "s"],
    "declaration-block-trailing-semicolon": null,
    "no-descending-specificity": null,

3. Install VS Code extensions

Next up, you need to install two extensions for Visual Studio Code.

  1. Stylelint

Stylelint VS Code Extension

  1. Tailwind CSS Intellisense

Tailwind CSS Intellisense Extension

4. Disable VS Code's default CSS linting

As you probably know, VS Code provides two different scopes of settings:

  1. User settings (Global) - Settings that apply globally to any instance of VS Code you open
  2. Workspace settings (Project) - Settings stored inside your workspace and only apply when the workspace is opened

4.1. Disable CSS linting globally

File -> Preferences -> Settings -> Extensions -> Scroll down and find "Edit in settings.json"

Inside the settings.json file add the following lines:

// settings.json
"css.validate": false,
"less.validate": false,
"scss.validate": false

4.2. Disable CSS linting on current project only

At the root level of your project, update or create a dir .vscode with a file settings.json:

Add the following to .vscode/settings.json

"css.validate": false,
"less.validate": false,
"scss.validate": false

And that's it, easy as that. Now you should be getting no linting errors when using the Tailwind directives, but having working CSS/SCSS validation for your project.

Bonus: What not to do

A quick solution that instantly removes all above mentioned flags would be to insert the following rules in settings.json:

"css.lint.unknownAtRules": "ignore", // for CSS
"scss.lint.unknownAtRules": "ignore", // for SCSS

But keep in mind that's not a true fix because it simply turns the warnings off, rather that add support for Tailwind directives specifically.